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DOODLERONOMY is the sketched musings of a man trying to refocus the masses on the one thing that is bigger than us Have no faith in faith? No worries, each comic only takes a moment to read and you never know what you may take away from one. Maybe faith, maybe questions, but if my pencil behaved itself and my grey matter did its job correctly, hopefully laughter; and that is something we can all use more of. Thanks for stopping by.

Read. Laugh. Pray!


What I Doodle

DOODLERONOMY is my doodled interpretation and comedic commentary on what would happen if Christ walked today. How would he react to this ego-centric, faith-allergic society we call our existence? In DOODLERONOMY, I will bring characters and stories from the Bible and dropkick them square into the environment of the new millennium! Warning: Some of the stories may change, but their teachings remain the same—well, mostly.

- Enjoy!

Why I Doodle

Living a faith-focused life today is harder than ever, but more important than ever too. I say that all is possible in Christ; and if this scribbled journey I call DOODLERONOMY took your focus off of this twisted world and re-directed towards Christ for a few moments, then I believe I took a small step in making this world a more peace-filled place, if only for a moment. Thanks for reading.

- Mark

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